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About Us


The spot your loved one rests in peace is sacred ground. A spot that deserves to be marked by a lasting appeal. That’s why we created our cemetery flowers holders. Whether you decide to decorate their resting place with striking carnations, gorgeous chrysanthemums, or ever-stunning artificial flowers, our rubber vase inserts keep them elegantly upright and prevent them from flying off with the wind. Simply slide HLDM inserts into the vase, place your flowers, and leave your dearly departed in the company of enduring beauty.

Keep your grave flowers safe and secure.

Laying out cemetery flowers doesn’t have to be a hassle. It doesn’t have to mean tediously carving Styrofoam cones, gluing floral foam, and hoping the wind will be kind. Our innovative patent-pending design adjusts to fit vases of most sizes; all without needing you to reach for a single tool. Dealing with a slender vase? Use the inner part only. Have a larger vase on your hands? Attach both pieces together to create a snug flower holder the wind will respect.

Go ahead, get your grave flowers and leave their resting place with beauty that endures.