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a cemetery flower holder that lasts.

Our easy to install flower holder withstands inclement weather and adjusts to most cemetery vases... all without the foam block mess.

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a must-have for cemetery flowers

fits most vases

Our patent-pending two-part design makes it easy to adjust to different size vases. Simply insert the HLDM into vase + slide flowers in place.

made to last

The HLDM flower holder secures flowers tightly in place, withstands heat and extreme cold, and lasts much longer than styrofoam cones.

absolutely mess-free

Not only does the size-adjustable HLDM last longer than foam blocks or cones, it is completely mess free and requires no tools to use.

What They're Saying

I can't tell you how many years we have struggled with securing florals at our beloveds' graves only to return to a scattered mess and try it again. I had high hopes for this product and in my opinion it is the definitive solution to securing florals and maintaining a beautiful and neat gravesite. Love it!

Farah M.

I am very pleased with this product. It fits my vase perfectly and is wind proof.

Jessica L.

These are the greatest flower holders we have ever found for our vase at the cemetery.

Randy H.


how does the hldm cemetery flower holder work?

The specially formulated silicone rubber will grip your cemetery flowers and keep them in place. Our patent pending, easy to install flower holder lasts long, withstands inclement weather, and adjusts to mosts cemetery vases... all without the foam mess. Simply place in your vase and slide your grave flowers in place. No tools required!

How many parts are there?

This holder has a two-part design. For smaller cemetery vases, you may only need to use one part. For larger vases, you'll use both of the included parts to secure your vase.

What else can the HLDM be used for?

HLDM inserts can do more than just hold grave flowers for the cemetery! They’re great for holding your flowers when creating garden, yard, or lawn decorations for parties and events. Their touch of green will seamlessly blend in with your space.