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HLDM Flower Holder


Do you go to the cemetery to visit the gravesite of your loved one only to find the flowers you left on your last visit have been blown away or disheveled? Sometimes they are even missing? The styrofoam cones available now never seem to fit the vase properly.

Goodbye foam blocks! The specially formulated silicone rubber will grip your flowers and keep them in place. Our patent pending, easy to install flower holder lasts long, withstands inclement weather, and adjusts to mosts cemetery vases... all without the foam mess. Simply place in your vase and slide your flowers in place. No tools required!

Do you have a larger vase? Use both of the included parts.  

Smaller vase? No problem, simply use the inner part of the holder and slide your flowers in place. HLDM flower holder will not freeze in winter nor melt in summer.

  • Lasts much longer than styrofoam cones
  • Extreme heat or cold will not damage the product
  • Easier to install the flowers without the mess
  • Adjustable to fit most vase sizes 
  • Tightly holds flowers so they don't blow away

Leave the cemetery knowing that the gravesite of your loved one will look as beautiful as when you left it. Honoring your loved ones just became easy so you can stay focused on the important things, like all the great memories.

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